You are already familiar with sensory and product testing – therefore, you understand how essential it is to retail success. Studies show that even in an agile product development environment, consumer insights are a crucial part of the process. At Curion, we created a solution that filled in the market gaps to finally address all of your testing needs. With eFive, we provide access to our facilities, research services and proven methods to deliver invaluable data faster and at a lower cost.

eFive Process

Receive robust research findings fast. Our process provides accurate insights in as few as eight business days. From initial client inquiry and consumer recruitment to questionnaire development, fielding, and deliverables, we coordinate the key steps in the research process to generate valuable insights quickly and affordably. 

Our Consumers

Access valuable feedback rapidly. Qualified participants are recruited from our extensive database to closely match the target market. They complete product evaluations at one of our facilities or in their homes or participate in moderated focus groups.

Your Insights

Ensure consumer acceptance and reduce risk by understanding what consumers think and how they feel about your product. Our experienced world-class researchers provide clear findings from target consumers—quickly, accurately, and affordably.  

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